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After more than 15 years in the film industry, we launched the Sun Film Festival. The world changes, people change and we believe that festivals must change.

These are our bases:

1. We focus on independent filmmakers and writers. At Sun film festival we don't care if you have stars or if you have won other festivals, the important thing is you and your project. Nor do we ask for any kind of premier. The project is yours and you can release it anywhere, even on the internet.

2. Distribution and production offers. Twice a year we hold meetings with international sales agents, distributors and producers who need new material for film markets such as the Cannes Film Market. We connect your projects with these professionals to help you. As a festival we do not charge any fee for the distribution service. All contracts would be between you and the distributor or producer.

3. Very low fees. Our fees currently have a 70% discount. We also did the round of festivals and we know that it is very expensive for filmmakers. Many of these projects are self-financed or with the help of family or friends. That is why as a festival we subsidize 70% of the registration fee to help you a little more. How can we possibly do this? As a festival we take care of finding sponsors to pay for this part of each registration. This 70% discount will be guaranteed on the first 100 registrations of each month.

4. We focus on the live event. Why? There are currently thousands of online festivals where it is very difficult to know what impact your work has had on a real audience. We are committed to a great live event with a real audience. The event will be free for all attendees so that there is a large public attendance.

5. The public will be connected with the winners. How many festivals have you participated in and haven't heard anything more about the festival? We want to change this, we believe that filmmakers and festivals should be connected and work together. The winners will receive questions from the public once the festival is over and we will publish them on our social networks. We think it's the best way to connect filmmakers with a real audience and get real feedback from the audience.

6. Promotion, promotion and promotion. A visibility project is a project thrown away. You have invested a lot of time and effort to be able to finish your project, it should be seen by as many people as possible. That is why ALL projects registered in the ALL Categories category will have a free publication on our social networks. And it's an immediate promotion (we don't wait until the end of the festival). In 7-10 days you will have your publication on Instagram.

7. You are the star. We want to create a great community and for us communication is very important. So this is your home, you can send us suggestions whenever you want.

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